Dating Men You've Overlooked Who Might Make You Happy

In the dating world, many people looking for love have conscious or unconscious shopping lists of qualities or characteristics they'd like in their ideal mate. Most people want chemistry, laughter, wealth and to be treated well. Also popular are good looks, snappy dressing and good hygiene. It's been said that "Mad Men's" Don Draper was the epitome of desirability. He's the eternal 'bad-boy' we know we should grow out of once we reached adulthood. But did Don ever stay faithful to anyone or make a woman really happy? If you want love, devotion and loyalty, check out these gems in the rough who will potentially worship you for the rest of your life.

1. Bald men. Men who embrace their baldness are more appealing than the guy wearing a comb-over or rug. (Bruce Willis vs. Donald Trump) They're not trying to fool anyone. I personally respect a guy who is honest with himself and others. 80% of men lose some of their hair</a>. If they lose all of it, there's less grooming time -- which means more time to spend sharing their sex drive with you. Rumors (probably started by balding men) are that too much testosterone and machismo are the reasons why men lose their hair, making them more masculine and increasing their sex drive. Is this why balding men seem ballsier than other men?

2. Divorced dads. Their life experience is more multi-faceted than carefree, never-married single men or childless divorced guys. Caring for children in their lives demonstrates they can handle responsibility and that they prioritize family. 3. Older men. They've seen it all and done it all. Now they want to rest and focus on you, or have a companion to do the best of it all over again. If you like to be wined and dined, consider an older partner. 4. Mr. Cuddly. If you had a favorite teddy bear as a child, now is the time to revisit that coziness -- with grown-up benefits. This guy doesn't spend all his time in the gym, which means he'll be spending his time out dining with you. Gabriel Iglesias says, <em>"I'm not fat, I'm fluffy."</em> A guy with a few extra pounds probably likes his comforts. As his companion, you'll be indulged as well. You can both spread out together with no judgement! 5. Bad dressers. In real estate, fixer-uppers are always a great value. Maybe he doesn't care how he looks or just doesn't know any better. Maybe he's the worst on the block, but inside, he's got great bones. Perhaps that sloppy dresser has a rich inner life that involves reading books or binge-watching cable shows. A schlump might pay more attention to you than to himself. If you are willing to do the light sanding and other renovations, you'll reap great rewards. Spackle not included. When reviewing these five kinds of guys, I realized there's someone who is all of these men rolled into one: Louis CK: The balding, over 40, divorced dad is a cuddly, schlumpy dresser. He's a creative, hard working risk-taker who focuses on being a good dad and how soul-crushing bad relationships can be. If he met the right person, he'd rock their world in an anti-Don Draper way.

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