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Boomer Lit Friday Blog Hop - July 26, 2013

I’d sliced and diced my self-esteem by subjecting myself to too many blind dates, about a third of which turned into second dates, and few of which ever led to third dates, much less lasting relationships. None led to sex. This bewildered me. I approached each date with peppy optimism, freshly washed hair, glossed lips, and as much hope as I could muster. Yet I kept getting things wrong over and over…over 340 times, to be exact. I bit my nails a

nd stewed with regret, disappointment, and defeat —wondering why I hadn’t found anybody.

Why did I put myself into such unsatisfying situations? I should know better. I hoped for the best, anticipated the worst, wore sexy panties, and prayed that each date I was with THE right person. These feelings were compounded by the fact that my 50th birthday was looming, lurking with foreboding like the soundtrack from the film Jaws. Was I the shark trying to envelop my prey? Or was I the one-piece bathing-suited swimmer praying that some Speedo-clad Adonis would find, flirt, and invite me to his beach house? Be sure to check out the other books and authors featured on the Boomer Lit Friday Blog Hop , week of July 26, and look forward to more excerpts from The Last Place She'd Look.

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