New Book Out This Week

My new book, Stand Up & Heartbreak is a narrative non-fiction glimpse into the life of a budding stand-up comic who unknowingly marries a sex addict, and they both stop performing.

Marriage changes people. But in the first week?

I believe a reader is drawn into a story in one of two ways: they are shocked or seduced. What if they are shocked or surprised by how a seduction unfolds…to the point of laughter? In this book, my honeymoon from hell is one of those scenarios.

In my previous novel, The Last Place She'd Look, a seductive dinner culminated with a romantic interlude in front of a roaring fire….ending with a clumsy mishap that practically sets the house ablaze.

My new book features love, lies, jokes, and pizza...something from all the vital food groups.

#sex #addiction #books #relationships #humor #bittersweet #love #divorce

New book has found a new home. Take me to your home too.

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